OfficeEquipmentRFP connects you to the Office Equipment Procurement bid and RFP opportunities, SmartProcure helps you win the bid.

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What your local competitors are bidding. See everyone your competitors are selling to, what they’re selling, and how much they charge. That’s right, SmartProcure shows you actual purchase orders.
How to gain a competitive advantage and protect your revenue stream. Only 20% of government purchases utilize an RFP or bid, but the common tools are RFP & bid services! Small businesses like yours can silently waltz in and see the 80% of contracts that the common tools can’t see, and even find opportunities to take from larger competitors.
How to pursue new government clients. ou can search for all government agencies that have bought your products & services (and see what they’ve been paying). Focus on the ones in your backyard, or go after new business on the other side of the country.
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